CREO Mark 1 Front

CREO Mark 1 Initial Impressions – Glassy, and indeed.. Classy!

CREO might have just done more than what one might have expected from them because to be fair, many of us expected the new brand to have complete focus on the...
LG K7 K10

LG K7 and K10 Initial Impressions – What’s new?

The South Korean electronics manufacturer LG had introduced the new K series at CES 2016 in Las Vegas in January, and we are finally seeing that introduced in India. The K10...

Xiaomi Mi5 Hands-On, First Impressions

Unlike the large events that involve hundreds of fans, Xiaomi held an event in New Delhi, where they announced the all new Mi5. The device is going to be the first device...
Oppo F1 Hands-on 1

OPPO F1 Hands-on, First Impressions

Oppo, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer just launched its mid-range smartphone, the Oppo F1, which is said to be its selfie master device, thanks to its capabilities with the front-facing camera. The...
Obi Worldphone SF1 Lock screen

Obi Worldphone SF1 Hands-on, First Impressions

If you are someone who seriously follows technology, the name Obi might not be something you are hearing for the first time. Earlier, it was just like most of the brands...
Lenovo Vibe S1 1

Lenovo Vibe S1 Hands-on, First Impressions

Lenovo is quietly expanding its range of smartphones, with launches in different categories, reminding us of Gionee. A series for good budget devices, K series with similar concept, P series with...
OnePlus X OS

OnePlus X Hands-on, Initial Impressions

OnePlus X is the third smartphone from OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, and Indian users have been quite lucky to get a hands on the device along with the other...
Coolpad Note 3 Front Top

Coolpad Note 3 First Impressions, Photo Gallery

Coolpad is a name some might have already heard long time back, if they were enthusiasts of mobile phones. The company claims that they were the third to enter India, back...

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