Not able to generate code for Jio SIM in MyJio App? Here’s the Solution

Jio Preview Offer Code

While it is a good news that most of you are now having a smartphone that is eligible to get the free Reliance Jio 4G SIM card with the Preview Offer, a majority in them are stuck in the first step itself. Only having a smartphone is not enough here. You need to actually generate the invite code or offer code that has to be produced at the Reliance Digital or Reliance DX store.

Without the code, you can just try your luck because some of the stores are already offering Jio SIM for any 4G phone. If you are asked for a code, well, you have no other option than to generate one. The standard way of doing so is by downloading the MyJio app and tapping on the banner that says “Get Jio SIM”.

Not surprisingly, many users are complaining that they are not getting the offer code even though the phone is eligible for the offer. Let’s talk about the reason for that and then, the fix.

Reason – Why am I not getting the invite code for JPO SIM?

The reason for that is the non-recognition of the phone by the app. Sometimes it cannot take the device ID, and thus you won’t see the option to get the code. Earlier, a small bug had made everyone easily generate the offer code by downloading the Jio apps. Reliance fixed that and the new app strictly detects the phone before giving you the option.

Fix – How do I generate the invite code?

The only and easy solution for that is by using the previous version of the MyJio app. This is not the official fix and the company might not suggest you to do so, but when you have a phone that is applicable to get the SIM card and you are not able to find it, there has to be some way, right?

So, download the previous version of MyJio app by going to the following link: Download

But then, only installing this is also not enough because you have to be a bit tricky and ensure a couple of other things as well.

  • First – While installing this app and opening it for the first time, do not keep the Internet connection active. Turn it off and install the APK.
  • Second – Restart the phone after you have installed the app. Make sure you install the APK after you have deleted the original MyJio App.
  • Third – You have to download all the Jio Apps in the list to get the code finally. Only when you are going to tap on “Install All” option, activate the Internet.

After all apps are installed, close the MyJio App and restart it and you will see the option to Get Jio SIM. If you still don’t see it, please comment below with the exact procedure that you followed and we’re sure we can help you get the code.

By the way, wondering whether you are having an applicable phone to get the SIM? check out the list below.

There are phones from Panasonic, TCL, and ASUS as well.


  1. Boss…this method is not working I have tried it 4 times in fact I formatted the phone too.. but it’s not working …
    Will be waiting for your help

  2. I get the bar code by installing the old myjio app on my redmi 2 & also get the jio sim from the reliance store, but I want to know whether it will prevent me from activating my jio sim, I mean it is being 2days but my jio sim has not been activated yet…

      • I have also used lenevo vibe k4 note my phone not support my jio app get the jio sim option in my phone plz send the your phone link in jio app…..

  3. I m using sony xperia m4 aqua i tried this method but didnt got code i. After installing all the app messge is poping over there new versn available download..

    • What is the for YU users. invite code generation is necessary. I am not able to open the MyJio app to generate the code.

  4. I tried as u mentioned above.but I’m not getting any I have t o generate mobile is lenovo vibe p1m

    • I have genrate the jio bar code without root and IMEI code change in my Lenovo a6000 plus smartphone and purchased sim by nearby store using the code.Sim will activate by this bar code or not.

  5. Cn u hlp me i hv asus zenfone 2 leasor its been 1 dy i m trying the whole day and night bt i cnt generate the code … I m vry depressd nw plz hlp me ..

  6. Hello, while i was trying to get reliance jio preview offer i got preview code through my email and that offer only available with lyf phone only…..that preview code will expire on 31/08/16…..Now my asus zenfone selfie has got free reliance jio preview offer without lyf phone….but now i am not able to create preview code as i am not getting get jjo sim option while opening my jio app….so what will i do….i want Reliance jio sim with my asus zenfone selfie…so please help me….

  7. Today I got the bar code by using old app by given link. In my coolpad note 3 lite phone and also buy a Jio sim. In the old app don’t ask my name and mob no. Only ask the address. Sir kya yah SIM card open hoga?

  8. I could not see any banner “get Jio sim” after installing all required app in my Jio.i repeated every method . Lenovo a6000 plus

  9. I can use samsung j3 handset i have install my jio app but not able to get jio sim in my jio app so plz suggest what can i do

  10. I can use samsung j3 handset i have install my jio app but not able to get jio sim in my jio app so plz suggest what can i do then plz reply me

    • I get jio sim but it not work my sony xperia m 4 aqua…. i tried many time with jio join app..but not succeed…Plz give me solution. .

  11. My mobile is lenovo vibe k5 but not options is my jio app in get the sim so not a code generate in code so not a purchase a sim in jio

  12. Working for my one plus two. I tried it from Google play but code is not generated. I just followed your steps and it’s done. Thank you.

  13. I took out code using bug but I forgot to take sim and it expired 15 days ago now when I am trying to take the code again as I have not taken the sim it is not showing me link get jio sim indeed I used above procedure .
    I am using Lenovo Vibe p1m .Can anyone help me.

  14. In this way I got the get jio sim option but when I click on the get jio sim the result is our systems couldn’t process your tranaaction

  15. I have taken all the apps from my friend and have installed it. I got the option of Get Jio Sim but its not generating the code.. It says “our system couldn’t process your transaction. Please try again later.” Can anybody help regarding this?

  16. I got the Get Jio Sim Option. But its showing me some System error when i click on that button. What shall i do.

  17. I hv htc 826 desire …it is 4g phn…and i download old version of my jio app and install all jio app and turned off mobile data….now i cn see …get jio sim …offer page….bt whn i click on that…it is showing tht…our syste m is not responding..please try again later….now wht i can do…i try it 2 day again and again…bt 9thing is happening..same showing…please tell me what shouldbi do….

  18. if its work for coolpad note 3 lite. I install all the app but there is no options like get jio Sim. pls comment to give a solution

  19. if its work for coolpad note 3 lite. I install all the app but there is no options like get jio Sim. pls comment to give a solution

  20. I am still not getting code so plz help me I want to to use 4G
    My phone is vivo Y51l

    I will be waiting for your reply


  22. As suggested above I have followed everything even then it is not generating code.
    Issue :- after completion of install all apps and got option like “GET JIO SIM” and I accepted “Agree and Get Jio Offer”
    Next it is showing “Verification” after that it is showing a lot of time and I am not getting any option.
    After some time I am getting error like “Our systems couldn’t process your transaction. Please try again latter”.

    I tried lot of times but it is showing same issue . please suggest me to resolve this issue.

  23. I have followed the procedure mentioned over here…But it is not visible Get Jio Sim….My handset is Samsung galaxy ON5….plz help me

  24. I nhave tried this 2wice, still not able to get the offer, But I have notice all the apps get insalled only Jio expressnews is not getting install. I have Moto G3 4G enable phone. Plz guide

  25. My letv le 1s generate Barcode & i show the Barcode reliance retailer and i received jio sim after can’t activate my sim. the jio customer told me my Barcode already used so can’t activate your sim I’m not share my Barcode for anyone so how is possible admin plz ans me………….

  26. My letv le 1s generate Barcode & i show the Barcode reliance retailer and i received jio sim after can’t activate my sim. the jio customer told me my Barcode already used so can’t activate your sim I’m not share my Barcode for anyone so how is possible admin plz ans me bro………..

  27. I done as u said bt later on the came that “our systems couldn’t process your transaction”, what to do now

  28. hello sir my mobile model is samsung j2 pro is tried this process for 4 times but i can’t get an get jio sim card option plzz help me….

  29. I have followed procedure and got option for ‘Get Jio Sim” but after clicking it shows-” Our systems couldn’t process your transaction. Please try again later.” Tried again again but didn’t help. Don’t what later means.

  30. What is APK ?

    when i went to the above process, app named JIOXprressNews could not be installed. it was giving error again n again..
    please suggest soulution how to get code on LETV 1s phone

  31. I use asus zenphone 2 laser…i install the app my i dont get the option get jio sim…why???

  32. hello sir I have redmi 2 prime .when I open jio app and click get jio sim it shows that our system is not responding please try again later.what l do please help

  33. Can you help me to get the bar code on Moto G3
    Phone is 4G compatible.but guess not listed in that group.
    Can these techies able to crack it for Moto users

  34. Done as u said but getting as “our systems couldn’t process your transaction, try again latter”, what to do now? Using Yureka

  35. Hi friend..I am using oppo R7 lite and I followed all the steps which is mentioned here but still not found ‘get sim’ option…plz me for this

  36. Sir , I got a message ” Our system couldn’t process you transaction. Please try again later.” What can I do? Please guide me.

  37. It’s showing your transaction cannot complete at present…. I’m using Lenovo A7000….. Please help me to get coupon code for ma mobile to get gio sim…. Thank you

  38. Sir pls help as u Above mentioned I did but tht old version is asking to update Olde version to new versions but I’m nt getting code

  39. I done following..
    1st- installed MyJio v3.2.05(old)
    2nd- restarted as you mentioned
    3rd- having data active i tapped “install all” and installed all apps.
    Then i have restarted again, made data active and opned MyJio app .
    But seems i dont got any options like “Get Jio Sim” or any code. Even the app asking me for update, im trying to skip that update but it can not be skipped.
    I have Moto G3 4g LTE handset.
    Now do something.

  40. I have followed all the above mentioned step to get jio sim code on my lenovo a6000. But still now I am not getting any option to generate jio sim code. Kindly, help me for the same.

  41. Hi
    I’m a Lenovo k4 user.
    I tried the above steps but after installing all the gio apps and when I’m opening the my jio app it’s telling me to update the app..
    I can’t get any options for “get a jio sim”

  42. hey I am using le eco 1s ..I got the sim and have successfully activated the data service …but I was not able to use ..will the Jio works on le 1..pls tell me ????

  43. I have done all the procedure which you have tell above m getting option of get jio sim but the code is not generating it is asking for update can I update it what should I do bcz previously I have installed latest version of my jio app but its not opening in phone now what should I do to get code whether I should update or not plz help me to get code

  44. Very very thank you. Because of u i am going to get a job sim . But can I have a jio sim for leanove and if not can I transfer my bar code from leanov to Micromax and show to store to get sim .

  45. I am using redmi note 3 and I installed all the app but then also it is not showing get jio sim option what to do

  46. I am using a lenevo a6000 plus mobile i will installed all the apps but still it can’t generate a code…first lenevo a6000 plus is eligible for gat a jio sim offer plz help me…

  47. When I installed the version provided by you and when I press my jio its not allowing me to activate code instead asking to update the app and when i am updating the app the new version of my jio app is not opening


  48. I have Asus Zenfome 2 Laser. And the old version of My Jio is showing this msg ‘ Our system couldn’t process your transaction. Please try again later.’
    Now what to do..?
    Plz help.

  49. Sir,

    I am not able to get Bar Code in Coolpad Note 3 Plus while I had followed all the steps mentioned above…..

    plz tell me wht to do ?

  50. Sir.. i followed the steps but the app says that their systems are unable right now. Says to try again later! Please help

  51. I can’t open my jio app in my lenovo A6000 plus….i have i downloaded n installed 2times…but didn’t open…

  52. Hey….

    Thanks alot
    I have tried 4 times……
    now working and got the BAR CODE

    thank u very much 🙂


  53. im using samsung grand prime dual sim … and i have try many trick but still fail to generate code it say”our system couldnt perform your opertion ” is there different way to generate barcode for dual sim mobile..??? pliz any one help me..

  54. I’m use lenovo a7000.
    I’m installed my jio app and other app.
    Show generate jio sim.But not generate the code.TOUCH “generate jio sim” SHOW “our systems couldn’t procees your transaction.please try again later”

  55. i m using Lenovo vibe k4 note…as u say i download previous version of my jio app and following all instructions but when i open my jio and click on get jio sim…it shows a error….; our system couldn’t process your transaction. please try again later…

    please help me what can i do

  56. I am able to get on my lg g3
    After installing the old app, turn off internet and turn on gps.
    Now open my jio app , you will see get jio sim option.
    Next step is important
    Turn on the internet and click the get jio sim before the update option pops up.
    I managed to generate the code by following the procedure.

  57. sir…..i got the barcode…..but after that i have done factory reset of my phone…will it create problems for activating jio sim or using that jio sim??

  58. I have a question on the procedure given in 1st Step you said switch off internet while installing the app. How can one install app if internet is on. Please inform exactly when switch off the net and when switch it on.

    • Sir I have vivo Y31L 4G LTE smart phone in myjio app it is not generating bar code to get free jio sim please help me

  59. I have got the code.but theproblem is i can’t get the jio sim and the code is expired tomorrow. So my question is can i get the code again???.

  60. iam having samsung s4 i did the process as showen in article but still i didnt get the optio ‘get jio sim’ plz help me with this issue how can i get the option

  61. When we install all app but I didn’t any code after restart my phone so what was the nxt process to get code

  62. Sir i follows ur instructions but the option of get jio sim is not showing in my lenovo a6000 what can i do?? Waiting for ur reply

  63. i have redmi 2 …and tried this theory….but not getting the option”GET JIO SIM”…..plz help me…and reply me… can i get that code

  64. Worked on my lenovo a7000 turbo. here s what i did.
    1. Uninstall your current my jio app
    2. Install the old jio app you have downloaded.
    3. Enter ur state n district. tats it.

  65. I m having reddi note 2 nd not able to generate the code
    I have downloaded the my jio app with wifi
    What I can do to generate the code???

  66. Please help me. Im stuck here. I. Installed all jio apps except jiosecurity . It is not installing…it says error 504. So I downloaded it’s apk file and then it says app not installed. Please help me. Because of this I cant code get the code.

  67. I am unalbe to fill verifaction details when i try to fill it shows that our system is unable to process our transition try again later

  68. Am using lenivoa6000 in my phone download the my jio app is installed succes. A6000 is support jio sim r not plz rly sir

  69. Thanks for ur information. I have successfully generated the barcode for my Coolpad note 3 lite.Thanks for your help.

  70. I have an iPhone 5 Nd I use that trick but it is not helpful bcoz I can’t get any Jio sim code with this trick

  71. I am using asus zenfone max and i am unable to generate the code and i have followed the procedure as well…
    Help me please

  72. Sir plz help me I have iPhone 5s but Ishmai code access nhi ho raha hai or app Mai get jio ka option bhi nhi aa raha hai what can I do plzz help me

  73. I Followed every step I got Get Jio Sim But by clicking on that it is saying Our Systems are not Responding Please Tell me what to do.

  74. hi..i got the jio bar code in micromac canwas 5 ..i take the screen shot but after i reset my phon and i lost the bar code ..can you tell me how can i get it back…

  75. Is that possible on redmi 2 prime?
    And is that possible then how can i get code ? Please brother help me i’m so tired about this
    And advance thank u so much

  76. Sir i didnt got any bar code bt i get the sim nd ii activated yesterday nd now i use it bt there is a calling prblm in it…i cant make any call from the jio sim…plz will u fix the prblm

  77. now what I have wasted 200 to 300 mb in downloading these apps but I didn’t got any code. just so fooling people’s. you guys sucks.

  78. I have LYF flame 8 mobile but the reliance Jio app is not running always saying connection failed I have tried many times even with WiFi and other networks please suggest me the answer

  79. I followed the entire process mentioned here and I also got the “get jio sim” option. But when I press “get jio sim” option it says that “our system’s could not process your transaction. Please try again later.” I don’t know what’s the problem. Pls help.

  80. Dear Sir,
    I am using Xiomi Redmi 2 prime handset.. I follow the instruction which u mentioned to get jio sim .. Not get option GET sim..

    Stp I follwed:
    1) I downloaded the app;cation on your link provided by you
    2)data was on off restarted phone
    3)Installed all app
    4)restarted phone
    5)try for to get GET sim option

    This is method is work for my handset..
    Please reply me:

  81. I have downloaded the old version in my Coolpad note 3 lite but it shows that our system is not responding please try again later

    Please help me with it

  82. I am using HTC one m8 mobile. And I installed the jio apps the way you taught. But I couldn’t generate the code. Please help me

  83. i have installed all 11 jio app from store.. but still cant generate bar code.. what do i do now do i need to re install all 11 apps???. plzzz help!!!

  84. I installed old app but for some show get jio sim but after some time.its automatically upgrade and can’t able to see the option again. What can I do I have Redmi note 4g please suggest me

  85. Sir i have samsung galaxy j7 (2016) phone and sir this method is workiing ,atleast 3 to 4 times i used this method but still i m not able to generate the code ..”get jio sim” option is displaying but after clicking on it .it display an error that our system couldnt respond ur transaction ..sir pls sort out dis problem .

  86. I had installed all the 12 apps after I restarted my phone…..And the barcode didn’t come i am using oppo f1 f….

  87. I have Coolpad note 3 lite and this method is not working to generate barcode in my phone plz help me.
    What’s app no.

  88. I am using lenovoa7000. i installed all the apps and also updated the my jio app. but still ‘get jio sim’ option is not sowing. please help.

  89. Same problem with me. I have Le tv Le X 507. I tried so many times but never able to generate the code. what to do. Pls help to solve this

  90. After following this method also still I’m not able to get offer code or get jio sim option please help me yaar how can I get this code ? When I have to open my jio app and when it’ll show the code …?

  91. Great work i got the code…
    If you don’t get the option “get jio sim” just open my jio app at the time 5:00am to 7:00am

  92. I have redmi note 3 miui 8 and it does not generate code after installing myjio app.
    Please tell me the real solution.

  93. hloo… I have intex aqua trend… and I tried at least all the version of my jio app… old or new both. and follow the same process… but get jio sim option is still not showing… why?? plzz help me.. I need your help plzzzzzz

  94. I have Redmi note 3. I tried to installed as per your guidelines. I got the get jio sim tab but immediately it is prompting a box in which update option is coming and I am not able to get the barcode please help.

  95. Hello…
    I am using moto X play turbo edition n it is 4G supported. I have followed the exact steps that were mentioned here and I also.have installed all the apps, bt still I could not see the option of Get the Sim. Kindly help. Or u can suggest me on

  96. I m unable to generate the code for Samsung galaxy j1 ace… even I have installed all the jio app but still I m unable to get the code. Kindly help me very soon so that I can be able to use jio SIM.

    • Dear Kirti did u use the same process as told in above article?. Coz i tried lots before this but couldnt get my code. With this trick i hot my code last night.

  97. Sir i have no found to get sim so pllz who can i found code my model is T-2 ACER Z 530 plz help me am install all app but i have no found to get sim…

  98. Dear sir,

    Thank you so much. Its really worked 100%. Before this i tried a lots but couldnt get code. This trick is 100% successful. Now i have generated my jio sim code. Thank you so much again. Guys use the above trick its really work.

  99. I downloaded jio old version but aftr tat also it coming that update to the new version anf its not opening. What can i do?

  100. guyzz plz try to do it on wifi network ok then it will start I know because 3 days I was continiously doing this method on 3g network but today as I didi it from my wifi there I got it in 2 sec aaply this

  101. I download my jio app on my lenovo a6000 and its also invite me for a jio sim but when I tap on get jio sim its show could not connect to their server try again later what I do now

  102. I have followed the procedure u have given above and now I m getting the get jio sim option. But when I click on it, it says “Your transaction cannot be processed”. Do you know the reason?

  103. I have done all the proceduce which u have stated above… but i m not getting the bar code. my phone is Sony xperia c4

  104. I get the option get Jio sim but when I click it, it show’s our system couldn’t process your transaction plzz help what should I do???

  105. Sir I have BlackBerry q5 SQR100-2 LTE supported but it doesn’t support jioexpressnews application so I can’t generate bar code please help me I another option in BlackBerry to generate bar code

  106. Sir I have a Lenovo vibe k5 mobile.and I installed all jio apps and then open …there are no get jio sim option.. pleasehelp me.

  107. Sir I have got the get jio sim option but after clicking it, it is showing that our system is not responding. What should I do. My phone is Redmi 3s prime.

  108. Yes..Great trick to follow. I also generated code for Phicomm Energy E653 with the help of this trick. Now waiting in Token system of Digital Xpress Mini store for my turn to get the sim. Thanks a lot Admin..Heartily.

    Can anyone please confirm that code generated from this trick is valid or there will be some issue while getting the sim?

    Have anyone got the sim through the Offer code generated with this trick?

    Admin..please confirm as there was not any option to put Name, Mobile No., OTP etc.

    Fingers Crossed..Best of luck guys.. 🙂

  109. Hii sir ,
    i have alredy a lyf flame1 4 g phone but i am not found the bar code ……..
    so what can i do now .to find out the bar code …
    pls give me the solustion…… i am waiting ….

  110. Comment:Is there any solution for the error ” our system couldn’t process your transaction ” ?? I am getting the “get jio sim ” option but clicking on that the above error pops up . Have been trying it from 2 days on my redmi note 3 but still it shows this error . I have tried it on my moto G 3 also but the same error shows . Please if anyone has any solution to this problem .

  111. Hello sir I am also facing same problem not get jio sim option download my jio app & all app of jio but still problem is same.
    My phone is Panasonic eluga note.

    • Sheetal, Try only old version of MyJio app i.e 3.2.05 and uninstall new version first if you already have. Now open the app with data connection off, then you will get “Get Jio Sim” option. Click on that, an error will come “No Internet Connection”.

      NOW GO BACK & TURN DATA CONNECTION ON and click on Get Jio Sim. It will definitely work..just try at night with 3G Pack.

  112. Hi sir i follow your all instruction. My phone Redmi S prime showing get Gio sim after i click get Gio button but not generated next step showing Our systems couldn’t process your transaction. please try again leter i trying 7/8 times please help mi thanks.

  113. I have Acer z630s and I got the option get jio Sim but its showing that our systems could not process your transactions please try again later…
    Plzz help me

  114. I hax installed the old resion of my jio app and i followed the instruction given above . As i opened the app on the top of it shows the option of get jio sim which i had clicked n i got the barcode written redeemed on it then i press back button n click on open it was asking for updation what i do? pls help me….

  115. Hey guys.. If u are having problem in generating your mobile’s bar code from my jio app… Then follow my steps…
    First open jio’s official website. And then check whether your handset is in the compatible phone’s list. If yes, then go for the next step.
    Download the latest version of my jio app from playstore.
    Now u have to find a friend, who is using a jio Sim.
    Ask him to share his jio 4G net with u through hotspot.
    After u are connected to the WiFi. Open Settings › Apps › MyJio.
    Click on “Clear Data”.
    Restart your mobile with your mobile connected to jio4g WiFi.
    After ur phones switches on. Make sure your mobile is still connected to the WiFi.
    Open MyJio app quickly.
    The banner at the top asking u to install all jio apps will change to a new banner having an option to ” Get jio Sim” or “get a Sim”.
    Click on it .. Fill up your name and phone no. U will receive one OTP. Type that in the OTP column.
    And u are done a page containing the bar code will appear. Take a screenshot of it. And take it to the nearest store with all the required documents and grab your Sim.

  116. I tried same method for coolpad note3, but when I clicked on my Jio app, it gave message to update the app and took me to play store… And now I am not able to see the get Jio sim.. pls help me.

  117. Hi,I am Sovan Ghosh from Hooghly,West Bengal,am using Asus Zenfone Max,model number Asus_Z010D(ZC550KL),I want to have a Jio sim.for that I installed Myjio app from play store..after installing the app,the option where I can apply for the new sim i.e ” Get Jio SIM ” not coming,thats why I can’t generate the offer coupon barcode..I call RIL customer care team,He asked my handset IMEI number,after checking He Said that my IMEI is valid for this Offer but unfortunately the said option not coming and I still can’t generate the offer coupon code..They gave trouble shooting i.e uninstall the app then Reinstall,reinstall from Google play store,after trying those steps many a time the problem not solved..
    After trying this about 2weeks,the option “Get Jio SIM” came but whenever I click this option,the error message shown that “Our System Couldn’t Process Your Transaction,Please try again” and its continuing a week..what I have to do now??please help me sir..

  118. m not getting “avail offer” banner…as I have asked to ur service..they told me that it will come..after reinstallation of app..
    bt it didn’t worked…my handset is Panasonic eluga i2..please tell me how to generate avail offer banner…
    reply mail I’d is…”

  119. I have followed all the steps exactly..but still I am not able to get the code. Please help me..I am using the asus handset

  120. My mobile is htc desire 820.i have done all step as per above said.but after last step,when i installed all apps. I could not get barcode screen.plz help me out from this problem

  121. Please help me Sir jio bar code my mobile coolpad2,.5d mega please help mee jio bar code not a received please received tha jio bar code
    IMEI: 911533200154613
    Please help mee Sir

  122. Hi i am using moto g 4 plus …and get my jio sim option showing but still unable to generate bar code.please help

    • Exactly the same happned to me… Get jio sim option is there.. but still.. it is not generating the bar code…

  123. sir I have generated bar code but it is expired by 12 sept 2016. Is there is any way to generate new code from same mobile. hoping favourable reply.

  124. I am using lenovo k3 note. I had installed all apps in my jio app. I had got option get jio sim but whenever I click on it error comes
    Please do something to solve problem.

  125. I have, redmi 2 prime mobile phone, I had done everything given in information, even I restored my phone, tell me please what I do

  126. Sir i bought a jio sim from Siliguri, its sim no. 7001257360 And it is not activate right now..
    And i have take this sim last month..
    So i request to plz help me by activating this sim.. as sokn as possible..
    Thank you. .

  127. Hi
    My device is Korean Samsung GALAXY S3 (SHV-E210K). I had installed the new my jio app and also all the applications, didn’t get ‘get my jio sim option’ and then after seeing this article I uninstalled the new and installed the old version, restarted the phone,but not getting ‘get my jio sim’ option. Do i have to reinstall all the apps too?

  128. Dear sir, I HV already tried it 5 time ,but still am nt getting jio code plz tell me the solution fr this problem plz…

  129. I have downloaded all the apps in my JIO app and I had gone through all the given instructions.. But still I didn’t the bar code.. I am using ASSUS zenfone phone max

  130. Sir i am not able to generate the code what to do i am having vivo v1 plz suggest me or send a bar code my email id

  131. I done old vires ionospheric. .get bar code without any information direct and remeed writing on it. .is it right? ?

  132. I already all process completely proceeds and still now same problem. Please help me what is another process for bar code generate.

  133. Hi i am getting this get sim card option after this process but after clicking on it its showing me an error saging system could not find your transaction n all what to do i waited as well but nothing

  134. Thank you so much dost.. I have spent around 2-3 hour for this issue. After that I got your link n solved my problem .. thanks again. I got offer code.

  135. Hi’ I am Lenovo Vibe K4 note user and after several uninstalls and downloads I got the “get jio sim” option but when I open “our systems could not process your transaction. Please try again later” was the result, I tried it so many times but couldn’t get the code please help.

  136. Sir, I tried this method with the old myJio app in my phone but it’s notworking. it didn’t show the “get Jio sim” preview on screen plzzz help

  137. Hii I am using ASUS ZenFone selfie
    I installed my jio app APK and I got “get jio sim” after clicking on it I got a message that our system can’t process your transactions try again later
    What can I have to do now?
    Please help me sir!!!

  138. Hello sir ,I have a Samsung s4 lte at@t version american set.I follow upper procedure but I didn’t get barcode.please help me

  139. I have done the same process… I have been got the option get jio sim, but when click on it it shows that the bar code has been radeemed… How is this possible I am only user of my phone… Even my phone got a update for jio support sim… My phone is Moto X play, and e-mail ID is waiting for ur reply sir… Plzzz help.

  140. not getting jio code on my smartphone lenovo S60-a, I tried all the methods,
    the app is only showing “find a store near you”

  141. I generated code 5 days back….today i went to shop for taking my sim…..but the shop keeper told this code is already been used….
    Wat i should do now…..

    • Same problem here…..
      I agree with sounds s kenganal…
      The shopkeepers is telling that your bar code is already have been used and your document is rejected….