Zebronics has just launched its first wearable, the ZEB – Fit 100 in India. The brand new smart fitness band comes with an OLED display and offers a host of functionalities. Some of the notable features of the Zebronics ZEB – Fit 100 are a remote camera shutter button, digital clock with smart alarm, pedometer or step calculator, caller ID display, automatic sleep monitor, etc. The latest wearable features a price tag of Rs. 1414.

Recently, there has been a spark in the demand of smart fitness gizmos. One of the most prominent amid them is the smart fitness band. Various brands like Fitbit, Huawei, Jawbone, Garmin, GOQii, Xiaomi, Intex and many more have unveiled their smart wearables. Zebronics is quite popular for their computer peripherals, speakers, CCTV cameras, etc. With the latest ZEB – Fit 100, the company mainly targets the lower segment of the wearable market.

Design-wise, the newly launched smart fitness band takes a cue from the FitBit Charge HR. The Zebronics ZEB – Fit 100 has a similarly placed OLED display with the identical looking striated band. In fact, by appearance, it seems to be a cheaper version of Fitbit’s product. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and the Intex FitRist Pulzz are the main competitors of the latest fitness tracker. However, they both sport a heart rate sensor, which the ZEB – Fit 100 completely lacks.

The brand new fitness band from Zebronics can track everyday activities like steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt, activity durations, idle periods and will guide you to develop your ideal workout regime. The wearable can detect if you are inactive for a considerable time and remind you to move a little bit do a bit of stretching. The ZEB – Fit 100 is capable of monitoring the sleeping schedule. It can then use its advanced algorithm to learn about your sleep cycle. After that, the smart band will tune up its intelligent alarm system to wake you up at the correct moment making you feel fresh the entire day.

With its inbuilt OLED screen, the ZEB – Fit 100 can show live notifications about number of steps, sleep quantity, and the amount of calorie burnt. The fitness band can display a digital clock and thus may double up as a wrist watch. The new wearable will push you with live notifications of voice calls, SMS and even third party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. The fitness tracker is even capable of displaying the caller name or user ID. The new product sports a remote camera utility using which you can control your smartphone’s camera through the smart band.

Zebronics have added some security features in its first smart fitness band. There is “Anti-Lost” and “Find Phone” functions which will guide you to locate your lost smartphone. The wearable has four color choices namely, Black, Grey, Blue and Orange. Zebronics ZEB – Fit 100 costs just Rs. 1414 and is already available for purchase from both online and offline retailers across the country.


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