Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

How to Identify a Fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank with scratch code

At the recent visit to the Xiaomi India manufacturing facility that is set up at Noida in India, we were given an entire view of


How to tweet with 280 characters right away [with a workaround]

Twitter was planning to increase the character limit and this was in plans for sometime now. Today, the announcement made says that you will soon

Tez Payment to Contact

How to send or receive money through Google Tez App

Tez is a new digital wallet and money transfer app powered by Google and it comes with some good security features to keep the transactions

Prisma for Android

How to run Prisma App on your Windows or Mac PC

Using an app on a smartphone sometimes makes things slower or also would limit things when compared to the same on a computer. When we

How to Setup Time Machine Backups on Mac OS X

A wise man said ‘Always take a backup.’ Indeed, one of the wisest thing you can implement in today’s world. Taking a backup of your

How to find MAC Address of Windows, Mac, and Linux Computers

Media Access Control Address (MAC Address), is a unique address assigned to computers, mobile phones and other electronics device for the communication on the physical


How to Change your Snapchat Username

Snapchat is the major social handle where most of the teenagers and youth are concentrated in. It’s all about who has a higher score on Snapchat

Delete Snapchat account

How to Permanently Delete your Snapchat Account

As everyone knows Snapchat is the app from which Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp have inspired from. If there’s anything to blame for the downside

Camera lens brandi-redd

How to clean Camera lens without damaging its surface

The camera lens is an important part of that shooter and it needs a proper and regular maintenance if you want to get the perfect


How to use Spotify in India

Spotify is one of the Global Music App which everyone’s been craving for. All the features of the App only get unlocked if you upgrade

Protect iCloud account

How to protect your Apple iCloud account from hackers

A hacker group based in London names itself as “Turkish Crime Family” has recently claimed to have hacked into about 250 million Apple iCloud accounts

Google Assistant

The 11 cool Google Assistant tricks you should try!

The Google’s AI, Google Assistant has made its way into the smartphones with the Google Allo App with in-app usage. With the launching of Google