Best Innovative Gadgets at CES 2016

    CES or the Consumer Electronics Show held every year always brings something new and innovative into the market. All the latest innovations and the stuff which are made for the future are unveiled at CES which is being held this year at Las Vegas, Nevada. The technology ranging from robotics, 3D printing to medical and dental innovations and latest tech in Cars and other technologies are showcased here.

    The CES Marketplaces are well segregated to feature similar products at one place making it easy for the visitor to check out the numerous products at offer. We have been covering the latest innovations and gadgets which will be at CES from few weeks and among the numerous tech which will be displayed we are putting together a List of Best, Unique or the Coolest Gadgets and Technology being displayed at CES 2016.

    Best of CES 2016

    Cinemood wireless projector ces 2016Cinemood: A Gadget for keeping your kids entertained with an interesting gadget to keep them away from the smartphones and the tablets which are taking over their childhood. It is a mini projector which projects movies, cartoons, TV shows, audio books, lullabies and children’s photos and songs.It projects a 80″ x 60″ picture with a decent battery life of 2 hours.

    3DRudder feet based VR controller3D Rudder: It is a Feet based VR controller which can be used completely with your feet to move around in the Virtual world, helping with your gaming sitting on your couch. The device does not have any mechanical parts and it uses your body’s natural balance to help control your movement in VR. Simple movements will be enough to move around and is showcased in CES 2016.

    GenZe 2.0 electric scooterGenZe 2.0: It is an Electric Bike by Mahindra, it comes with a 7-inch LCD display with a lot of information displayed about the battery left, speed, modes etc. The Electric comes with three modes to choose form for different types of users, Safe Econ and Sport. It is capable of going up to 30 miles per hours in just 8 seconds in Sports mode. It has a removable 1.6 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery under the seat. It can be charged in about 3.5 hours using a conventional 110-volt wall outlet.

    M7P Sports Headphones by MEE CES 2016MEE Pinnacle P1: These are Sports in ear headphones which are equipped with Liquipel water safe nano coating technology protecting them against sweat and other elements. To make the earphones durable and long lasting they are made from hand polished zinc alloy along with replaceable cables. The earphones will be showcased along with M7P and X7Plus at the event.

    audio technica ADG1x High fiedelity gaming headphonesAudio-Technica ATH-AG1X and ATH-ADG1X Gaming Headsets: Two of the popular Gaming headsets are getting revamped with a newly designed 53mm large-diameter drives and improved 3D Wing Support System to be more comfortable. It also comes with gooseneck condenser microphone which prevents additional wind and breath noise. The gooseneck mic comes with a 100-degree path along with volume controls and integrated locking mute switch for one-hand operation.

    grandPad tablet for senior citizensGrandPad Tablet for seniors: For seniors to not feel left out from all the technology around, this tablet makes it easy to be connected with other family members having big, visible and easy to understand icons. Users can check messages, make calls, share photos, play games, make video calls etc. The ads and pop-ups have been disabled to make sure that it is not confusing to elders making it a powerful and easy communicating tool.

    Livestream Movi CameraLiveStream Movi 4K CameraA 4K Camera which is capable of Live Streaming along with editing live is amazing for users who cover events at a regular basis. It has features like face detection and a 150-degree lens made entirely with glass. You can check live preview on your phone and control it by zooming in along with the options to cut and drag to pan across a scene while recording.

    Omron Project ZeroOmrom Project Zero: Smartwathes and Fitness bands are a must have these days and the number of options available are also huge, with heart rate monitors, number of steps, sleep tracker all built into a small watch on your wrist. Omron has for the first time packed a BP monitor into a wrist watch to keep track of your Blood pressure all the time.

    Varun Pandula
    Varun Pandula
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