Sapphire Coin

ClickJackpot game is going to be the next phenomena in 2018

ClickJackpot is a unique skill-based skill-based game played by using exclusive Sapphire Coins. The game offers a simple and fun mobile gaming application that is

Lightcash ICO

Lightcash Project Announces ICO and Launch of Own Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

The Lightcash project’s team, the first entirely legal system for fiat and digital money exchange and management, has announced the start of its ICO. The

Livetree Adept

Here’s why you should invest in World’s first Film and TV Coin, Livetree ADEPT

In the entertainment industry, especially where we talk about the creators of amazing content that is addictive and spending time and money on, the talented


Interview with Mohit from Laxmicoin, ‘A Cryptocurrency for Masses’

Laxmicoin, this name isn’t new in the world of Cryptocurrency. But then, it isn’t something you would have really related to anything because while we

Livetree Token Sale

LiveTree shows forward momentum with partnership announcements

The entertainment industry had to see a shift in the way content is made, the way content creators are supported, and also the way how

Livetree Adept

Livetree ADEPT: Democratizing entertainment on Blockchain

The entertainment industry is ever growing and the medium of entertainment has been changing, following the advancements in technology. The way we watch content on


Want to invest in Cryptocurrency? Check out these tips!

We’ve been hearing about the cryptocurrencies all the time and most of them call Bitcoin as the “Next big thing” in the world of technology.

Smartphones hijacked crypto mining

Millions of Android devices hijacked to mine Monero coin

According to security researchers, millions of Android device users could have been hijacked in a drive by a cryptocurrency mining campaign. As per the security

Tamperproof degrees blockchain

Government working on Blockchain to hand out IIT degrees and land records

Although the government has been very dumb about the scene of cryptocurrency in India, they’ve gracefully adopted the blockchain technology and are now planning to

Addaps Browser

Addap’s browser uses Blockchain for safer, productive web browsing

Addap’s is trying to bring a new experience of web browsing by using Blockchain as the base, and by taking its advantage, the browser from

CASHe Blockchain

CASHe uses Blockchain to offer loans in the form of Digital Tokens

CASHe is an app that gives loans to professionals, and this isn’t the traditional way of doing it. Open the app, link your social media,