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Easiest Way to Transfer Files and Personal Settings between Windows Computers

If you are upgrading your existing Windows PC, or simply changing your work machine to another Windows PC, then one of the mightiest challenges you

Youtube Offline Remove

How to Delete Offline Stored YouTube Videos to free up space

YouTube is one of the best and most popular video sharing sites out there. Recently, they have been releasing a lot of new features on

Windows 10

How to Setup and Function Gestural Controls in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced some basic gestural controls in their Windows 8 operating system. Even though these gestural controls were useful, they were to utilized up to

Google Play Store

How to Change Country of your Google Play Store Account

The Google Play Store on your Android device automatically selects your country and location, and then displays the applications that are available for your region.

Windows 10

How to Record your Screen on Windows 10

Until Windows 8, if you wanted to record an activity on your Windows 10 desktop, you had to download and use a third party tool.

Windows update error 80070490

How to fix windows update error 80070490?

Have you been recently facing an Windows “80070490” error while installing a new update on your Windows copy and are you unable to resolve the

Windows Error 80070005

What is Windows Update error 80070005 and How to Fix

Many times when you use the Windows Update service to find, download and install the latest updates for your Windows PC, you may come across

Windows Error 800b0100

What is Windows Error 800b0100 and how to fix it

Have you recently tried formatting the C:/ drive of your Windows machine and while trying to install a new genuine copy of Windows encountered an error

Scan Save Documents Android

How to use Google Drive to easily Scan and Save Doc Files

The best part of using Google services is that almost every Google service is interlinked with one another. For example, you can directly save an

Android Notification Log

How to check Notification History on Android

Own a Smartphone? Then you must be already receiving tens to hundreds of notifications per day. From your WhatsApp and Facebook applications to advertisements from your

Google Maps Directions send to phone

How to send directions from PC to Android Phone or Tablet using Google Maps

No matter how advanced the Smartphone or tablet devices out there get, some people still likes to play around and even surf the web using


Best OTG File Manager Apps for Android

Nowadays, no matter whether your Smartphone has an external SD card slot or not, having USB On The Go (USB OTG) support is very important.