The Banana Phone functions

The Banana Phone is real, Bluetooth-enabled handset for your phone

It is 2017 and we are heading towards some of the best technological advancements, but there are some in the same field who are working

ThinCase for iPhone brings back 3.5mm headset jack, and has a kickstand

As the name suggests, the ThinCase is a slim case for the iPhone. But then, what makes us mention it here is not the slimness

Titan Note at $80 changes the way you take notes

We know the struggle students find while taking their notes. The struggle of taking notes has concerned a man named Erik Jansson who is from

PLUG claims to be the most powerful battery pack in the world

We have been aching to see a battery pack of our imagination for its capabilities. The current on-going smartphones aren’t staying long enough for our

Nico360 Camera

Nico360 is the world’s smallest 360 camera with VR support, Live Streaming

The tagline says it all – “Highest resolution, smallest size”. Though to be fair, the camera doesn’t capture the highest resolution, but a decent 1440p


GOLE1 is the smallest Intel-based AiO touch PC with Windows 10 / Android

There are several campaigns that you see around PCs and touch-enabled devices, but some drag your attention. One of them is the GOLE1, which is

iBubble drone functioning

iBubble is an autonomous underwater tiny drone for your GoPro

We take our GoPros and waterproof smartphones and camera just to capture some cool snaps in the swimming pool or any water rides. But, we

Shock Clock is the wearable that will wake you up for sure

Waking up in the morning is one of the tasks that most of us find really difficult, especially if you have to wake up early.


ZOE is a Smart Home Hub that gives importance to privacy

Smart homes should be the one last wish by the people for this generation. It came true since these smart home hubs like Samsung SmartThings

Ottm Wood Band for Moto 360

Ottm is the hardwood alternative for your Smartwatch strap

Have you ever got a thought to change those straps of your Apple, Android, and Pebble Smart watches? Some have scuffs on their straps, a

Mighty Player

Mighty is a water-resistant iPod Shuffle alternative with offline music storage

Ever got fed up with those large and heavy smartphones or the MP3 players that you carry to just listen to music while doing your

BAM tracker

BAM is an affordable tracker and smart button, working with Smartphones

Many people out there have been sick of losing their valuables such as luggage at travel stations, missing kids at a crowded place, and someone